Tennis and Go

So forgive my absence. I am currently trying to attend to a number of things. I’ll be updating you with a couple of insights that I’ve made into my Go playing so far.

#1. Tennis and Go

I recently played with a friend and he mentioned how I was trying to “kill” the ball every time I swung. He told me that I needed to simply slow down and just make sure that I follow through with the ball with proper form and posture. It was then that it kind of hit me, this is the same exact issue that I notice in my Go games. Take my time. Follow through. Make solid and proper moves, regardless of whether I am winning or losing. That’s not to say to play conservatively, but to not make bad shape or overplays for the sake of trying to win, because ultimately that is the only way I will truly get stronger.

#2. First Game Against a Child

So I played a kid named Walter at the Baltimore Go Club just yesterday. I believe he was maybe 11? It was definitely intimidating. I’ve heard my fair share of really strong kids who just crush you. He was 11k apparently, and we played a game. I wish I could show you the kifu, but unfortunately I’m still limited in my ability to record games (once I get an iPad…. that will no longer be the case). He played a lot of non-conventional moves. It wasn’t until Keith commented later that I noticed he was essentially trying to initiate fights for the majority of the game. I ended up winning by resign since I outpaced him strategically and killed a rather large group. In all honesty though, he had me on the edge of my seat since his reading ability was superb and I didn’t know how to respond to half of his moves (e.g. I played the 4-4 star in the opening… he played 5-5. EH?!) Anyhow, very interesting game.

#3. Update on My Studying

Essentially my studying has only consisted of practicing stuff on GoChild. I really need to finish two books before the next month is up. But more on that later.