Equipment Review: Yunzi Biconvex Stones Set


Yunzi Bicon­vex Stones Set

Over­all Rat­ing: 10 / 10 Ponnuki


  • This is a fan­tas­tic set that comes with qual­ity stones and bowls.
  • The stones are durable so you can play them with as much force as you’d like with­out fear of eas­ily dam­ag­ing them (as you might with slate and shell stones).
  • Bowls are excel­lent qual­ity and have a beau­ti­ful fin­ish to them.

Prod­uct Details

  • 180 white and 181 black gen­uine Yunzi stones.
  • Large Size 33 dou­ble con­vex stones mea­sure 9.2mm tall and 21mm wide (about 3/8″ x 3/4″)
  • Two Kitani style jujube wood Yunzi stone hold­ers that mea­sure 5″ W x 4″ H (12.7cm x 10cm)
  • Vinyl travel car­ry­ing case

Detailed Review*

When pur­chas­ing my first go set, this was by far the most antic­i­pated piece of equip­ment. After all, the prospect of play­ing with real stones and mak­ing the aes­thetic sound as you play each move was so excit­ing! How­ever, I digress, here is what the pack­age looked like when it came in. As with all other items I’ve received from Yel­low Moun­tain Imports, every­thing was pack­aged and pro­tected very well.

Top layer of styrofoam (not in picture)
Top layer of sty­ro­foam (not in picture)

When you open the bag, here’s what you see.



For those who are have never pur­chased yunzi before, they do not come all fresh and shiny when you receive them. The stones come with a white pow­der coat in order to pro­tect from dam­age dur­ing shipment.

Yunzi Stones Before Cleaning
Yunzi Stones After Cleaning
Yunzi Stones After Cleaning

Although it requires a bit of elbow grease and time to get them shined up and ready to go, I per­son­ally found the process very enjoy­able and reward­ing. It’s hard to say what it is exactly, but there’s just some­thing about per­son­ally tak­ing care of your stones that makes your stones that much more enjoy­able to use. For those who are curi­ous as to what the process is for clean­ing yunzi stones, visit my guide for more information.

Size & Weight: The stones have a solid weight to them that gives a great feel­ing when pick­ing each one up and plac­ing it on the board. They fit very well on the Shin-Kaya Board that I pur­chased, but keep in mind that each  board is unique in what their max stone size is.

Dura­bil­ity: I have not found dura­bil­ity to be an issue. Granted, I have not tried tak­ing a sledge­ham­mer to them, but I think it could sur­vive any­thing short of that.

Usabil­ity: This set is a fan­tas­tic all in one pack­age. Great for leav­ing at home or bring­ing with you to the local cof­fee shop.

If you’re in the mar­ket for bicon­vex stones, this is the set for you.** The bag car­ries the stones pretty well. The bowls are freak­ing awe­some. And I love the feel of real stones in my hands. Though the price may seem a lit­tle high, you are buy­ing a qual­ity set that has so much value and will last a long time.

*Since most peo­ple are prob­a­bly more inter­ested in the stones, I have sep­a­rated out the bowls and bag review to pre­vent the review from being over­clut­tered. You can find the reviews at the fol­low­ing links: Kitani Jujube Bowls & Go Stones and Bowls Car­ry­ing Bag.

**In case you are look­ing for sin­gle con­vex yunzi stone sets, those are avail­able as well and can be found below in the Sim­i­lar Prod­ucts section.

Addi­tional Photographs





Sim­i­lar Products

Last Updated March 31st, 2013

  • Nate Eagle

    I have the single-convex set and love it; I bought my brother this double-convex set and expe­ri­enced some sig­nif­i­cant jeal­ousy when I played a few games with him using those stones this Jan­u­ary. In my (albeit some­what lim­ited) expe­ri­ence, yunzi stones can only be beat in terms of beauty and tac­tile plea­sure by actual slate and actual shell.

    • Ben

      I agree with you on that. I’ve heard that stones made of other mate­r­ial (e.g., mar­ble) are quite beau­ti­ful as well, but I feel like I’d be so afraid of break­ing them. Haha.

      • Chad Sobo­dash

        I have a set of mar­ble stones, and hon­estly I’m never wor­ried about break­ing them. I will say that I don’t like how heavy they are and the “thud” they make when hit­ting the board (instead of a “click”). For how much they typ­i­cally go for, I’d say it’d be bet­ter to just get a set of yunzi for another $10. I’m actu­ally sell­ing them so that I can afford a yunzi set.

        • Ben

          Fas­ci­nat­ing! I didn’t real­ize that the mar­ble mate­r­ial would make such a dif­fer­ent sound from the yunzi and slate & shell stones that I own.

          If you don’t mind me ask­ing, where’d you get your mar­ble set from?

          • Chad Sobo­dash

            I bought them in a gam­ing shop in Bei­jing some­thing like six years ago. You can find them on ebay here:

            I’m offer­ing my set for the same price as these, includ­ing ship­ping, and throw­ing in my jujube bowls for free.

          • Ben

            I will be sure to pass on the word to any­one I know look­ing for a mar­ble set! I would totally take you up on it if I didn’t already own 5 sets of stones already (and I barely use them). Haha.

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