Friday Go Forward: Week 70


This week has been very sparse in terms of study and play­ing, but extremely heavy in regards to writ­ing (if you didn’t notice with the Weekly Go Wednes­day arti­cle). And though my time has been a bit more biased towards writ­ing, I don’t think any of you are com­plain­ing. Haha.

It’s taken some time to break into my pro­duc­tiv­ity sys­tem, but the cogs and wheels are start­ing to mesh together bet­ter now. I’m much more aware of where my time is going along with how I’m pro­gress­ing as a whole in life now. Whole board think­ing. See that?

I’m look­ing for­ward to when my entire sys­tem works effort­lessly and I can really amp up my go train­ing. No mat­ter though. Slow and steady wins the race.

Train­ing Regimen

  • Work on go for at least 10–15 min­utes a day.


  • KGS —  1 game
  • DGS — 6 ongo­ing games
  • OGS —  7 ongo­ing games


Lessons Learned

  • It doesn’t mat­ter if you make mis­takes dur­ing your game because your oppo­nent is just as likely to make mis­takes if not big­ger ones. So don’t be too hard on your­self dur­ing a game because you’ll only be mak­ing your­self more vul­ner­a­ble than necessary.
  • MolokaiCow­boy

    The ‘Les­son Learned’ here I think is huge, Ben. At least com­ing from the ama­teur chess world I can tell you that play­ers ‘psych­ing them­selves out’ is very, very com­mon. It is one thing to play or eval­u­ate by instinct (usu­ally OK) and another thing to ride an emo­tional roller coaster dur­ing a game (always not OK).

    This is not really on topic (sorry) but per­haps Ben or some­one knows: I saw a web­site some time back with Go ‘heatmaps.’ I thought it was an intrigu­ing idea. But now I can­not find it. :( Anyone?

    I hope your week­end is good, Ben.

    • Ben

      Glad to hear that my les­son learned is a rel­e­vant topic across the board! I know that I still have issues with it dur­ing games, but it was cer­tainly a step for­ward to con­front it and not let it bother me as much as it nor­mally does.

      Hope you had a good week­end as well!

      PS. I would rec­om­mend you try post­ing on Life in 19x19 or the Red­dit Baduk forum regard­ing heat maps. You might get a faster response that way!