Monday Go Meditation: Game 64


Con­trary to what I said last week, this week’s Mon­day Go Med­i­ta­tion fea­tures my Yun­guseng Dojang game from last week. The rea­son for this is two-fold: (1) I didn’t play any other games over the past two weeks and (2) I’m still try­ing to keep MGM as cur­rent as possible.

As I men­tioned before, I was feel­ing rather iffy before this game. My oppo­nent was around 4–5k in strenghth, and with my ups and downs lately, I wasn’t so sure that I could even beat him. But before I could wal­low too much in my own inse­cu­ri­ties, the game started.

Note: Sim­i­lar to the other YSD match I posted last week, any spe­cific things I learned from the review will be omit­ted in this game to respect other mem­bers’ paid membership.

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One Point Lesson

When play­ing a moyo vs moyo game, don’t get caught up in small gains (like tak­ing a cor­ner) when big points like an opponent’s cor­ner enclo­sure on a dou­ble winged for­ma­tion are avail­able on the board.

Game Sum­mary

[table colwidth=“50|140|375|375″ colalign=“center|center|center|center”]
1,Opening,Move 10 — This is not so much a good move as it is a move I’m proud of because it showed kiai on my part to be will­ing to com­pete with Black on a moyo game.,“Move 18 — Though this moved seemed nice at the time, it was not very effec­tive in terms of the whole board.“
2,Attack and Defense,Move 44 — The fact that I was able to take a step back to defend my group first before overex­tend­ing my attack was a sign of progress for me.,Move 72 — Try­ing to invade to attack the Black group was a bad attack.
3,Shape,Move 162 — Rec­og­niz­ing this clamp instantly was a nice moment for me since it meant I was increas­ing my reper­toire of tech­niques to use.,Move 108 — This doesn’t really defend my cor­ner and makes bad shape.
4,Strategy,Move 148 — Sac­ri­fic­ing my four stones to push and cut here is one of the key moves that allowed me to secure my win.,Move 62 — This peep and fol­low­ing sequence to take the cor­ner was too small strate­gi­cally.
5,Overall Read­ing,Move 208 — Read­ing out Black’s sub­se­quent atari and see­ing how it played out was a pretty big moment for me even though I missed the killing move at the end.,Move 82 — The fol­low­ing sequence was just awful for me. Com­plete mis­read.
6,Endgame,“Move 120 — Though this move was an over­play, the idea of tak­ing sente instead of respond­ing to Black was good.”,Move 86 — Block­ing here instead of defend­ing my bot­tom group nearly allowed my oppo­nent to reverse the game in his favor.

  • MolokaiCow­boy

    You make it look so easy, Ben! Your affec­tion for moyo reminds me of my own hero, Tak­a­gawa. Per­haps I join YSD as a spec­ta­tor when I am done with my visualization/reading pre-learning exercises.

    As always, I find the every-move and stream-of-consciousness anno­ta­tions extremely help­ful. Thank you!

    • Ben

      Haha. Well I assure you it’s not the eas­i­est ven­ture to com­pete moyo v moyo as White. But if it’s what you enjoy, there’s a thrill in dar­ing your oppo­nent to see who can make the big­ger moyo!

      YSD as a spec­ta­tor would be a great choice if you’re inter­ested and have the time to make use of the archived lec­tures and join in on the reviews.

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

  • Spot

    I am won­der­ing if 202 D1 would be bet­ter at E1.

    • Ben

      I think you are cor­rect in it hav­ing larger endgame value. At the time, I was prob­a­bly try­ing to sim­ply pre­vent Black from get­ting any ko threats. How­ever, I think your move is bet­ter than the actual game move though.