WGW 31: Gu Li vs Lee Sedol — Jubango Game 1 Amateur Review

Weekly Go Wednes­day: Issue #31

Credit to GoGameGuru
Credit to GoGame­Guru

For those who didn’t know, Gu Li and Lee Sedol had their first epic match of their ten match series jubango. And though many of you might have watched the game or checked out the game record later on, I wouldn’t be sur­prised if a num­ber of weaker play­ers like myself were left in bewil­der­ment most of the time. After all, even though it was really excit­ing, it’s hard to learn from a game where so much is going on at once!

So I came up with the idea to team up with my sen­sei, frozen­soul, and do a review together in order to pro­vide a step-by-step review of every move in the game. Now granted, I’m sure that many strong dan play­ers might refute some of my com­ments or argue that there is so much more to what I reviewed, but my goal is sim­ply this: To pro­vide a game record that would allow kyu play­ers to eas­ily fol­low the game and under­stand some of the most sig­nif­i­cant moments of the game. As a result, it should be no sur­prise that com­pli­cated vari­a­tions and advanced the­o­ret­i­cal dis­cus­sions are inten­tion­ally avoided and left to other peo­ple who are much more qual­i­fied to speak to those things than I am (i.e., World Go Online and GoGame­Guru). The fol­low­ing is the result of our efforts:

Down­load Kifu

Finally, I would love to do this for every game in the jubango series. How­ever, it took a LOT of time and effort in order to do so. As a result, I am hop­ing to get feed­back from every­one on whether or not you think the review was help­ful / was it worth it in order to help me decide whether to con­tinue doing this or not. And as usual, if you like what I have done but have ideas for mak­ing it even bet­ter, please be sure to men­tion that in the com­ments below (or email me if you’re feel­ing shy =D). Look­ing for­ward to read­ing all of your comments!

  • Paul

    Excel­lent work! I find it very help­ful to com­pare this review with the ones done by pro­fes­sion­als: For exam­ple, you com­ment on move 20 being solid, while the pro­fes­sion­als focus on why the obvi­ous cut doesn’t work. You also tend to describe moves as avoid­ing com­pli­ca­tions, while the pro­fes­sion­als seem much more con­cerned about exactly which com­pli­ca­tions exist, and whether or not they can work out for that player.

    It’s a very help­ful reminder that at our level it’s tempt­ing to play solely by prin­ci­ple, but that that doesn’t replace deep read­ing. It seems like pro­fes­sion­als oppose a move from a fight­ing spirit, and find some path to life much later, but it’s more likely that they saw the path to life before set­ting a sin­gle foot down it.

    • http://www.bengozen.com/ Ben

      Thanks! The dif­fer­ence you found between my review and pro reviews is quite inter­est­ing! Haha. And like you said, I think it speaks a lot to how we just are unable to see the type of instan­ta­neous deep read­ing that they tend to have when ana­lyz­ing moves like this.

      Per­haps the next step in us gain­ing another stone is sim­ply that: not becom­ing attached to play­ing by prin­ci­ple and rely­ing on deep read­ing. =) Appre­ci­ate the feedback!

  • http://neagle.github.com Nate Eagle

    I enjoyed this a lot — I spent some time look­ing at it yes­ter­day and then some more today. I can see how much work it must have taken.

    Regard­ing whether it’s worth doing one of these for each game, my feel­ing is that it might not be. You’ve got more com­pe­ti­tion than I would have expected, such as the incred­i­ble write-up on Kiseido’s site (http://www.kiseido.com/printss/guliten1.html). That said, I’m such a fan of this jubango that I’d love to see you keep con­tribut­ing to its enjoy­ment. Maybe there are dif­fer­ent ways the review could be focused? I know I’d love to see some­thing like a record of your expe­ri­ence watch­ing the game. Less of an expert review, more of a story about what sur­prised you, what was excit­ing, what you felt would help in your own games. It might be eas­ier, too, since it wouldn’t require such a thor­ough take on every move. Dunno, that’s just one perspective.

    What­ever you do, thanks to you and frozen­soul for tak­ing so much time to con­tribute this to the online go community!

    • http://www.bengozen.com/ Ben

      Thanks man! I think your idea is great! I orig­i­nally thought I would either do it or not, but per­haps switch­ing up the for­mat may be more inter­est­ing to peo­ple read­ing the blog (and a lot eas­ier on my time and energy. haha). Always glad to have your input man!

  • Ris­ingStar

    Thanks a lot for the review. You know, this is the first time I have ever got­ten close to under­stand­ing the skill of both of these play­ers. Small ques­tion, you don’t have to answer. Who do you sup­port and think will win this series? Also, do you think that white should have played at D2 at move 42?

    • http://www.bengozen.com/ Ben

      You’re wel­come! I’m really glad it helped! And to your ques­tion, D2 at move 42 is not as good because it gives Black more forc­ing moves later on. And also, since Lee Sedol was one of the first pro­fes­sion­als I really started fol­low­ing, I am root­ing for him; but to be hon­est, I’ve come to really admire Gu Li’s kiai and style of play, so I have no idea who will actu­ally win. =)

  • Mar­tin

    VERY good!!!!

    • http://www.bengozen.com/ Ben

      Thanks! I appre­ci­ate the kudos!

  • Lumo

    Amaz­ing review, you got me glued to the screen with my mouth open! (gross?) I hope you can find the time and energy to do other install­ments as the Jubango progresses :)

    • http://www.bengozen.com/ Ben

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! And no it’s not gross at all! It makes me happy to hear that it could be so excit­ing! Haha. I am glad for your feed­back and am def­i­nitely feel­ing more inclined to keep the for­mat or enhance it to be bet­ter! =) Appre­ci­ate it!

  • kPro­tein

    Great review!!! Thanks

    • http://www.bengozen.com/ Ben

      You’re wel­come! Glad you enjoy it!

  • Bezo

    Hi just wanted to say that I enjoyed this and I hope you do this for the rest of the games in the jubango. Thanks :)

    • http://www.bengozen.com/ Ben

      Thanks for the encour­age­ment! I will def­i­nitely be sure to do so!