Monday Go Meditation: Game 51

For this week's meditation, I am featuring another bloody game from my kadoban with my friend Nate (who's been featured on here numerous times). Hope you enjoy the game review!

One Point Lesson

Once you’ve established a lead, focus on repairing any weaknesses you have so that your opponent cannot stage a comeback.

There are a few more things to take away from this game:

  1. Just because you’re ahead does not give you a reason to be cocky.
  2. Even when you think you think you’ve taken everything away from a group, they are still really hard to kill.
  3. Connecting your groups takes priority over attacking.
  4. Finally, even though you would think this is self-explanatory, ALWAYS READ.
    The entire game would have been very different if I had just taken 30 seconds to read. Sigh. But nonetheless, it should be a fun game for you all to witness as bloodshed is featured once again on Monday Go Meditation (MGM). (Maybe I should start putting rating on my games like: PG-13 or rated R? Haha.) Hope you enjoy the review and another big thanks to Nate for letting me use our games on MGM.