Failed Games #1 + Other Thoughts on SDKs

So I was thinking it over, and at first I wasn’t going to put up some of my recent games due to the fact that they are utterly miserable. But, I think it’ll actually be good for those who are at the DDK range and feeling frustrated with their own games when they are obliterated. Here is a game I played against someone who was also 12k, and I think this is like one of VERY few games where I lost to someone lower than 10k while I was 12k. I thought I was doing well, but clearly I did not.

Also, I had the pleasure of talking to Jaddie (one of the 10k opponents who destroyed me). We went over one of his games and I was fascinated to see some sequences that frankly would not have occurred to me. To the stronger players, yes I realize I’m only 12k. But still, it was cool. Jaddie also brings up the idea that DDK’s cannot see the whole board as well as SDK’s do. I definitely think he has a valid point there. Another point that I think that separates SDK’s and DDK’s is simple reading ability. Sigh… more on this when I figure it out.

Oh, and in addition, apparently he doesn’t do any Go studying. >.< He said most of his experience comes from playing games. Man… maybe I’m just super untalented. It’s almost been three months and I’ve studied and I’m only at 12k on KGS… sigh. Oh well… no sense worrying about it. Let’s see where my strength and hard work take me. After all, they say the sky is the limit, yet why are there footprints on the moon?