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A Retrospective on 2013

As the new year is about to be upon us, I thought it only be fitting that I write a retrospective post on how my go has gone in 2013. Seeing as this might be a long post, let’s get started shall we?

#1. How strong have I gotten? Well, based on KGS ranking, I started 2013 with a whopping rank of 6k. And after 12 months, it seems I have only gotten 2 stones stronger. Haha. Most will probably disagree with this rating though since the frequency of me playing ranked games dropped dramatically sometime in the middle of the year. So it’s probably more accurate to say that I gained around 3 stones. =)

#2. What is my proudest accomplishment? Though not necessarily about my actual progress as a player, I think 2013 has been a success in regards to the go blog! Though you are free to correct me if I’m wrong, it has been quite productive and I’m proud that I’ve managed to have been writing consistently throughout the entire 2013. As a result of my blog, I have met many new friends and forged new bonds that I have deeply treasured!

#3. What is the biggest lesson I learned this year? I’ve been through quite a few ups and downs this year in my go, and so if I can pass on one lesson it is this: Play for fun. The moment you get so deep in the competitive nature of it and the obsession over gaining another stone, you’ll find the game much harder to enjoy and you’ll be burnt out before you know it. And for those who really want a lesson in regards to the game itself, I would say it is this: Before every move, check to see if you have any (important) weak groups.

#4. What would I have done differently? In hindsight, I think I pushed myself too hard this year overall. Whether it was trying to crank out book reviews or churn out post after post, it put me through a lot of grief that was probably quite unnecessary. So if I could go back and change one thing, it would be to have approached things with more a relaxed and carefree mindset.

#5. What are my final thoughts before 2014 is upon me? Though I might not have progressed as much as I would have liked in 2013, it certainly has been a rather interesting journey. I am hoping that the I will be able to learn from my mistakes in 2013 and approach 2014 with a new passion and energy that will burn brightly for the year to come.

I hope that you all have enjoyed the blog in 2013, and I only hope to exceed your expectation in 2014. And as always, but especially today, please be sure to leave comments below if you have any ideas or suggestions for things I can do for 2014 so that I can continue to improve this blog for you! So for now, good-bye to 2013 and I look forward to seeing you on the other side in 2014! Sayonara!

A December Detour

First off, a happy belated holidays to everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get back sooner to the blog. I know what it’s like to keep checking for blog content only to see the same post for days on end. Hopefully though, that will be coming to an end.

As most of you know, December is a month of holidays, festive cheer, and a whole ton of things one after another as everyone is trying to wrap things up before the new year rolls in. While I would have loved to have gotten back to the blog sooner, I was caught up in the same hurricane as everyone else as 2014 quickly approached.

In all fairness though, I will have to admit that my December detour was more than just family, work, and holiday craziness. No, if it were only that, I think I would have found time to find time to squeeze out a post in the time I’ve been gone. The truth is that I’ve felt rather out of sorts lately, especially when it comes to my go. I’m not sure what the real reason is, but it is suffice to say that I chose to get some distance from it as a result.

My brief stint into League of Legends (LoL) turned into a bit more serious venture than I thought it would be. As a result of my need to get some perspective and distance from what I was doing with my go, I decided to dive into a different game that surprisingly has many similarities to go. It is said that a Korean player who passed the professional exam passed up his chance to be a pro go player because he wanted to become a professional LoL player instead. Haha. So naturally I had to investigate. (No worries though. I’m not abandoning go in the slightest sense of the word. xD)

I plan on writing a retrospective post to kind of overview what 2013 has been like for me, but I think this post has been a bit long as it stands. Haha. Luckily I have one more day before 2014 is upon us, so I hope to see you guys tomorrow. Till then!

Brief Lapse into LoL and Blitz Tilt

I’ve been sick the last week or so. And against my better judgment, I thought it would be a great idea to try playing League of Legends (LoL) again. Haha. Fortunately after only a game or two, I was very quickly reminded of how much trash talking and just unnecessary cursing and name calling goes in those games. You get like 1 game of good sportsmanship for every like 10.

Anyhow, so then I was like, “Screw this! I’m just going to play go! Who cares if my rank drops or whatever. I’m just going to play and gain experience in go instead of trying to level up my account.” And what do I decide to play first thing in? Blitz.

Credit to giphy

Needless to say it was fraught with reckless play and incredible bloodlust. Just kill… get killed… try to kill again… and then ultimately combust in one fantastic poof where I resign. Haha. And the best part is that I decide to try and continue on to another game, which ends in a similar manner. I suspect that this may be induced by the League of Legends I had just played, but no matter.

Oh well. Haha. It’s times like these I have to look at myself and either fall into the emotional roller coaster I used to feel when I would lose like earlier, or to simply laugh it off and move on. And as someone who is currently working towards a path of zen, I choose the latter. =)

Wrapping Up 2013

Hey everyone. I thought I would go ahead and give an update as to where I stand at the moment. First and foremost, I would like state very clearly: I am not leaving the world of go or shutting down the go blog. I apologize for giving that notion in my last Friday Go Forward. So in an attempt to clarify what’s going on, I have decided to write this post.

Over the past couple of weeks, things have been really crazy. Unexpected work projects, opportunities, and crazy hours sprouted out of nowhere. In addition, a last minute trip to California forced me to really reconsider where I am in life and what my priorities are. As a result, the blog’s regularly generated content (i.e., Monday Go Meditation, Weekly Go Wednesday, and Friday Go Forward) went on hiatus.

The reason for this is quite simple. My writing schedule has been to produce each weekly blog content a week in advance so that the content is consistent. However, this leaves little room for flexibility when you consider the way life likes to throw curve balls. In addition, it takes much more time (than my brain is willing to admit) to generate content that I think will be worth your time. (Or well, I would like to believe it’s at least somewhat worth your time. Haha. xD)

To be honest, while I am somewhat proud of myself for being able to last this long on the blog with consistent content, I am still disappointed that I wasn’t able to keep it going a little longer. So, in order to prevent this from happening again, I am taking the month of December to really get my affairs in order and revise my system so that it’s a little more “life-proof” in preparation for 2014. If you have any suggestions or ideas for things you might like to see in 2014, be sure to let me know!

Meanwhile, you can expect to see a number of reviews pop up over the next few weeks along with any random ramblings that I might be inspired to write. =D Until then, hope that everything is well with everyone and I’m looking forward to hearing any suggestions or comments on what you might like to see when 2014 rolls around. Ciao!

Friday Go Forward: Week 44

Friday Go Forward: Week 44

In the past week, a lot has happened and it has forced me to reconsider a lot of things that are going on in my life. As much as I regret to say this, it seems that I will need to cut back even further from go and blogging than I thought. So though I thought I would at least be able to keep up with my Friday Go Forwards, I regret to say that this will be going on hiatus as well.

I have a few more reviews that I need to wrap up, but it seems that the blog may be going into hibernation mode sometime this month. I’ll be sure to write more about it when the comes, so until then, I’ll do my best to finish up what I have left.