Archive: 4/2013

Finding Time for Go

Weekly Go Wednesday, Issue #22

Credit to Lifehacker

When I first started playing go, it was right around the time I started graduate school. Like most other enthusiastic players, all I wanted was to spend every waking moment studying and playing the game. Unfortunately, in the mad dash of trying to do well in school and find a job, I couldn’t find the time to keep up with go the way I wanted to. As a result, I ended taking a break from go.

With graduate school behind me, I have to say that I’m not any less busy than I was before. In fact, I might even argue that living on my own while having a full time job and strong obligations to the people around me has caused me to be even busier than before. So the question becomes, how do I find time to continue my study of go?

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The Good Kind of Tired

I just got back from the Japanese Embassy where I got a chance to meet and play Japanese pro Narumi Osawa (4p). Although the event went differently than I expected, it was a unique experience in that she mainly spoke Japanese and therefore I had to rely on translations and my best interpretations of what she was aiming at. Although I haven’t processed a lot of it yet, it feels like something else clicked tonight. Hard to say what, but although I’m quite tired, it was a great experience that I look forward to reflecting on. More on this Thursday…