String of Games and Failure to Embed Eidogo

So today was nice. I got to play a few games in the morning. Can’t figure out for the life of me how to embed my games into the blog. I am definitely moderately web design savvy, but I guess my ability to figure out how to embed EidoGo into my blog = failure. If anyone knows how to do it, including where to upload the files so I can properly code the src and sgf urls… I’d be indebted to you.

Anyhow, my KGS rank keeps moving up and down. So much for trying to play a lot of games to get a consistent rating. Looks like I’ve settled on 15k for now. I was at 14k yesterday, but due to me playing under time constraints and having multiple distraction… I timed out against the 11k bot and messed up games that I shouldn’t have messed up.

As an overview, I played four games today. I lost to a 13k due to some misreads and thus my ranked dropped to 16k. Then I proceeded to play an awesome game with a 17k which I won by resignation. Then I proceeded to get my rematch with the 11k bot and beat him by 26.5 points. And finally, I played a grueling game with a 14k where I think I played the best I have so far. I would integrate that game into this post… but alas I am lost on how to do that.

I’m happy with my progress so far. I just need to increase my reading ability…. patience and foresight…. that will get me to the SDK ranks….