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WGW 38: I Want to Play Go Like That...

Part I - Interlude - Part II

Weekly Go Wednesday, Issue #38

Though some of you may hate me for delaying Part II of my 1st Washington Open Baduk Championship series, the funny thing is that the Weekly Go Wednesday series actually fits in perfectly with the story. So hold your horses for one more day, and let’s dive right into this shall we?

So where were we? Ah yes. I had finished off the first day of the tournament with the second to worst record you can have: 1 win with 2 loss. To compound on that embarrassment, I won one and then proceeded to lose each game afterwards with each being a more epic failure than the last. After all, it would have been way better if I had lost the first two games and then won the last one. Then at least I could feel like I improved over the day instead of the epic plummet that actually happened.

Usually when I undergo a shocking disappointment like I did that day, my first reaction is to try and figure out what went wrong. After all, it wasn’t as if some freak accident happened where I hallucinated and put the stones in the wrong place. No, especially with go, there are no such things. So for the rest of the day, I kept thinking about what went wrong. Many things crossed my mind…

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WGW37: Tesuji More Useful Than Tsumego?

Weekly Go Wednesday, Issue #37

Last Friday, I mentioned an article that was shared with me on how to improve at go by Lynx. According to conventional wisdom, the one piece of advice that everyone seem to agree upon is that studying life and death is critical to getting stronger. And to be honest, it’s something I never really questioned. However, after reading Lynx’s article, I was confronted with an eye-opening question: Is studying tesuji more useful than tsumego?

After a lot of thought, I would have to concur with Lynx’s perspective. In fact, it is one of the key components to breaking the glass ceiling when trying to gain that next stone. However, because the masses constantly spout how important life and death is, it is often forgotten in all the noise.

Now now, before you grab your pitchforks and torches, hear me out won’t you?

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The Desire to Lose

Sad Robot Lose - Credit to abyanlim

So I think I have to revise my one post a day rule to exclude book reviews because at the rate I’m releasing book reviews, I’m never going to get a chance to write for the sake of writing. Haha. With that said, let’s unload some things off my brain.

I recently re-watched the episode in Hikaru No Go (Episode 66 - “Fateful Encounter”) where they do the prelude to the whole series. For those who might not remember, the episode features a child who recently is crowned Child Meijin and wants to challenge Akira to prove he is the strongest. Right before the game, he pridefully challenges Akira with the following statement:

Child Meijin: When I win, tell everyone, “I lost to Hideki Isobe.”

Though most might shy away from the idea of boasting to everyone that they lost, Akira’s reaction reminded me of something I had forgotten long ago.

Akira (with the utmost excited face): I will! I sure will!

How long ago has it been since I last sought out a match where I would be proud to say, “Look! I lost, but it was a great game!” When was the last time I felt a desire to lose?

Nowadays, I just slink away like a dog with his tail between his legs hoping secretly hoping to quickly nab a win afterwards to cover up my shame. What a pitiful state I’ve fallen into… Haha. No matter though, today is a new day! I will return back to the battlefield of Tygem and restart my training against dan players! Ikuzo!

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The Tip of Their Swords...

Lately I’ve been looking at my style of play. It’s always safe, nice to opponents, and afraid to try anything new for fear of losing. Erm… yeah that wasn’t working out. Evolution requires trial and error, to think anything less will only result in a stable condition which will allow others to surpass you.

Who remembers the following scene?

Hikaru No Go: Volume 7

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