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Book Review: Perceiving the Direction of Play

Perceiving the Direction of Play

Description: In the first volume of The Heart of Go Series, Kobayashi Satoru 9P focuses on an important concept many players are unfamiliar with: the direction of play. As a critical component in any game, Satoru familiarizes the reader with direction of play though positions of his own games to illustrate direction of play in regards to fuseki, joseki, and fighting. This is an advanced book that should be read after one already has a basic understanding of direction of play.

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Book Review: The Direction of Play

Book Details

Title, The Direction of Play
Author, Takeo Kajiwara
Translators, John Fairbairn and The Ishi Press Staff
Publisher, Kiseido
Published, “1st Edition - March 1979”
Language, English
ISBN, 978-4-896574-26-2
Length, 250 Pages

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Direction of Play in the Opening: The Corner Stones
  • Chapter 2: The Early Stages Are Decisive
  • Chapter 3: Move Two Lost This Game
  • Chapter 4: The Professional Approach
  • Chapter 5: The Direction of Play and Joseki
  • Chapter 6: Once Upon a Game
  • Chapter 7: Test Yourself
  • Chapter 8: The Direction of Play for Fighting


  1. An excellent, although a bit advanced, book on direction of play.
  2. Fills a much needed gap in understanding the opening and fuseki as a whole.
  3. Requires a basic understanding of whole board thinking to really appreciate and understand the explanations.

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