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Friday Go Forward: Week 58


As I’m sure you all have noticed, I have finally gotten around to releasing my Hong Kong trip series this week! It took quite a few hours to work through all the photos and then make sure they were ready for viewing, but if you all enjoyed the posts, then I think it was plenty worthwhile.

With that said, I have been starting to approach my life with a lot more vigor. One of the things I’ve gotten back to doing consistently is going to my local boxing gym. Even though this takes up a lot of time throughout the week, I think that we often underestimate the connection between physical and mental conditioning. Both must be optimal in order for them to work together harmoniously. In addition, I’ve started watching more Yunguseng Dojang lectures and changed up my training a bit.

Over the past week, I got a chance reconnect with Lynx on KGS and we had a fun teaching game. I lost of course, but after a bit of discussion, she showed me an article she wrote on “How to Improve at Go.” While I could write a whole post about the various things I like about the article (which will probably happen in the near future when I have a moment to breathe), the main thing that stuck out to me was her emphasis on tesuji problems rather than life and death problems. As a result, you’ll notice my training regimen has changed a bit from before.

I’m still trying to create a training schedule that works well for me, so you’ll have to bear with me as I continue to experiment and try different things. It’s particularly volatile at the moment, but a large part is due to the fact that I really want to be in a stable position when the Yunguseng Dojang starts in May. So I’m really testing the waters in various areas to see what works best for me. Just have to keep trying.

Training Regimen

  • Life and Death Problems

    *   Software: MagicBaduk
    *   Frequency: Daily
    *   Task: (1) 10 minutes or (2) Finish an entire problem set (250-300 problems depending on difficulty). Whichever comes second.
  • Tesuji Problems

    *   <span style="line-height: 1.5em;"> Software: MagicBaduk</span>
    *   Frequency: Daily
    *   Task: (1) 10 minutes exploring the problem set and practicing problems I've learned before.


  • KGS - 5 games
  • IGS - 0 games
  • DGS - 5 ongoing games
  • OGS - 2 ongoing games


  • N/A