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Getting Pulverized by Tygem Dans

I mentioned recently that I wanted to turn my attention Tygem because of how different the players are there. I tried explaining it to a friend a night or two ago but couldn’t find the right game to really illustrate it.

Well, after talking with frozensoul today, I thought I’d fire up one of my old dan level accounts on Tygem and take a stab at playing on it again.

Oy vey… the epitome of aggressiveness occurred tonight. Invade… fight…. invade… attach… die…. invade… fight… ahhhh……

I think I’ve lost like 5+ games in a row now. While I feel like I’m on a bit of an emotional tilt from getting pulverized game after game, I think it’s good medicine to offset my victory at the Washington Baduk Open Championship.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I haven’t played much, or maybe it’s just that I’m really weak against Korean players. In fact, as I think back to the games I lost, I think the bottom line is that they were able to outfight me and play much sharper moves each time (which ended up killing me constantly). I tried to swing by with all my might, but it was like I was poking them with a sewing needle and then came down on me with a two handed axe.

Ah well. They say to lose your first 100 games when you start playing right? Looks like I’ll be starting that exercise up again as I dive back into the war zone. deep breath See you on the other side.