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Epic Day of Tetris... I Mean... Go...

Today has been full of epicness, an incredible milestone, and a hilarious video by BadukMovies.

To start, I am ecstatic to announce that I beat a 3 dan in an even game as White on Tygem!!!!!

That’s right. Even. 6.5 komi. And I won by 9.5 points. AHHHH!!!!!! (I know it was probably a fluke, but still, a true victory against a dan player in an even game. WOOO!!!!!!!!)

_Below is the game for your enjoyment, but I haven’t had time to add comments to it yet. I’ll be sure to add it to the list of future Monday Go Meditations. _

UPDATE: The kifu has been updated so that only one variation exists in the file. I didn’t realize I left a stray variation in the last one.

That awesomeness aside. I also got to play rengo against sensei and also got a chance to play fellow friends Bonscott and teafree. Overall a pretty awesome and epic day. And as if this news wasn’t not exciting enough, I bestow upon you an awesome video by BadukMovies. It’s only ~30 seconds and totally worth it. Enjoy!

This is Good for Black

And for those wondering why I didn’t embed it, it seems Facebook videos are not very WordPress friendly. shrug