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Book Review: Positional Judgement 1 - Territory

Positional Judgement 1 Cover

Positional Judgement 1: Territory

Description: Ever wonder how players manage to estimate territory? And with terrifying accuracy? Well look no farther, with the first volume of Jasiek’s Positional Judgment, you can get an inside look at the inner workings of how players make these accurate estimations. It’s filled with numerous examples for you to practice, but be wary, this is definitely not for the light hearted! On the other hand, rest assured that you will be significantly stronger at positional judgment than most players out there if you can master the material in here.

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Book Review: Positional Judgment

Overall Rating: 9 / 10 Ponnuki

Basic Information

  • Title: Positional Judgment: High-Speed Game Analysis
  • Author: Cho Chikun
  • Publisher: Kiseido
  • Publication Date: December 1989
  • Page Length: 182 pages


  • A great book on positional judgment when it comes to whole board thinking.
  • Utilizes multiple choice questions along with example games to help illustrate his points.
  • Requires a basic level of endgame sequences for the estimations to make sense.
  • Appropriate for 6 kyu and stronger.
  • Recommended for serious players.

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