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New Go Film:

This weekend has been pretty crazy and busy, but I thought I would let you guys know about something my friend azural found in his perusing of a go forum:

The purpose of this short film (i.e. movie trailer) is to try and find a way to tackle the issue of how to explain the game of go in an exciting way. Not everyone has the time nor ability to watch something like Hikaru No Go and get bitten by the go bug, so this is something that I think would really help to further spread the word of go. After all, just because someone doesn’t like chess doesn’t mean they won’t be smitten by how amazing go is. =D

Based on the their website, I think they have the potential to make something incredible. So if you would like to support them, be sure to visit their page at IndieGoGo (an equivalent to Kickstarter) to do so! In case you don’t know what Kickstarter is, the group only receives the funding if they reach their target goal. If they fall short of their goal, everyone gets their money refunded. It’s a win win situation!

They only have a month to go and still need to raise a bit of money. So if you can, please donate what you can! I already have! =D