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Weekly Progress Report: #06


As I continue into the second stretch of non-stop hammering of work and attempts to sustain consistency, I’m happy to report that while I feel pretty winded, I don’t feel anything close to burnout yet. On top of that, I’ve actually come to realize that executing my routines first thing in the morning seem to work out pretty well for me. On days that I didn’t manage to do so usually resulted in a last minute scramble to get it done at the end of the night, but I’m hanging on as best I can.

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Osaka Go Camp Blog!

I’m going to break my general rule of not posting twice in a day because the AGA newsletter has informed me of an awesome blog that I couldn’t wait to share with you!

Osaka Go Camp Blog

Here’s the basic rundown: A group of western go players are attending a 3-week go gamp in Osaka!!!!!!! They get to do all sorts of cool things like visit the Kansai Kiin and play with professional players!!! Ahhh!!!! Soooo cool!!!!!!

Of course I’m insanely jealous, but for those like me who probably won’t be able to travel to Japan anytime soon for a go retreat, this blog is a great way to get a taste of it for now. =)