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Burnt Out and Quitting Go

Just kidding! Credit to Giphy


To be honest, I had no intentions of pranking anyone or anything; but then I started drafting a post for today and then the idea just came to me. So… bursts of laughing you’ll have to forgive me for trolling you a little bit. (By the way, got to love that GIF. Captures how I’m feeling perfectly. Cracks me up.)

Anyways… on a more serious note, today marks the beginning of April and thus a chance to start fresh as the official countdown to Go Congress begins. Yup… I’ve registered. I haven’t paid yet since I want to make sure that nothing on the schedule alters my plans, but it’s practically set in stone.

Since this is my first Go Congress, I’m really hoping to go there with a bang. In order to really reinvigorate my training in preparation for Go Congress, I’ve started:

  1. Re-watching Hikaru No Go - It’s always good to start back with one of the most inspiring stories of all go stories.
  2. Joined Yunguseng Dojang - This is essentially an online insei program (from what I understand). My friend Diego has told me good things about it, so I’ve decided to give it a shot!
  3. Becoming super-disciplined about my tsumego training - In my last few games I’ve played on KGS, I’ve been reminded just how important reading is and how it can completely change the tide of the game when you’re able to read just one step further than your opponent.
  4. Working a lot harder on the blog - I know this might seem totally unrelated to my growth. And to some, it’ll hinder my progress as a player. However, the blog is something that I’ve come to really enjoy and has helped me be accountable for my own journey as a go player. Definitely do not regret any of the time I’ve spent on it!

With that said, I also wanted to give a quick shoutout to Maaike and her April Challenge! Her April Challenge is to “get our of your comfort zone.” So, for this month, my challenge will be to play a territorial style and avoid a moyo style! I think that should be a good one right? (If you have a better one for me, please let me know!)

Hope you all are doing well and don’t get pranked too much today!

PS. I haven’t forgotten about my Hong Kong posts. They are just taking a lot longer than anticipated.

PPS. One last thing, I’ll be releasing another combo review with frozensoul on the third jubango game next Wednesday (4/9), so be sure to be on a lookout for it!