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Two Awesome Games

So sorry for the failure to post Friday or Saturday. Lots going on, but the following kifu is of my game against an 8k. I think it was pretty exciting and an excellent game for my persistence and some of my more clever moves that I’ve played in my games so far. Unfortunately, I ended up losing by 1.5 points. I’m pretty sure I messed up some yose maneuvers which may have actually cost me the game. I also managed to make it to GWGC after running some errands and had part of my game reviewed and learned some really interesting things. I’ll put the comments in on the parts that were reviewed.

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A Nice Friday Evening

So today was pretty nice. Played some Settlers of Catan with my cousin, and then headed off to both the Rockville Chess and Go Club and the Greater Washington Go Club. Yuan Zhou was there reviewing games and I gotta say I learned quite a bit from that. Then I had the pleasure of meeting Nate, who is stronger than me but it seems my measly skills are adequate enough to entertain him for now. Overall, still working hard to get stronger before the second month is up. Wish me luck!

Journal Log #2

So I visited the Greater Washington Go Club today. Man… it was definitely a different experience playing with people in person. I met a lot of great people, and my cousin and I learned a whole ton through their helpful comments and lessons. We spent a lot of time playing out various positions based on the 3-3 point invasion on the 4-4 star, and that was super helpful.

In addition to having a couple games commented on, I also experienced my first full game between two dan level players. That was awesome. And it reminds me of how much work I have to do before I can even be considered an average player. So it’s time I get back to my studies.

Shout outs go out to Hal, Betsy, and Justin for helping out. I’m sorry but I’m totally blanking out on three other names, but thanks for making the experience an awesome one.