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October 2013 Bonus Review - Game 4

For this week’s bonus review, we come to the final conclusion of my Canada Go League performance! After my performance from the third game, my goal was to be much calmer during this game and avoid any big blunders like before. Do I manage to end with a 3-1 record? Or will I be put in my place again and be left with a 2-2 record? Jump into the kifu and find out!

October 2013 Bonus Review - Game 3

For this week’s bonus review, we will be going over my third game from the Canada Go League where I suffer a one-sided defeat. There is no excuse for the mistakes I made (both strategically and tactically), but the only thing I will say in my defense is that I tried out a lot of new experiments this game. And the thing to realize about experiments is that they often blow up in your face. This is a great example of one of them. Haha. xD Enjoy!

October 2013 Bonus Review - Game 2

For your second bonus game review, we will be continuing with my second game from the Canada Go League! Similar to what I mentioned in last week’s game, though my opponent was supposed to be in the 5-6 kyu range, I was not going to be underestimate my opponent.

Overall, this game is a good illustration of recognizing when to tenuki and how it is important not to let your opponent seal you in without good reason. In addition, I hope that this game will help you see my decision process when trying to figure out whether something is worth responding to or not. Hope you enjoy!

October 2013 Bonus Review - Game 1

Credit to Zeasonal

October is upon us and the time for trick or treating is here! Luckily for you, I have yet to come up with any imaginative ways to prank my readers. So until I do, looks like you’ll be stuck with treats of extra game reviews for this month! xD

As I mentioned before, I joined the Canada Go League* recently and so I thought it would be appropriate if I reviewed my games that I played as part of this bonus material. So to start of this month’s bonus game reviews, we will begin with the first game I played in the Canada Go League.

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Canadian Go League

So it’s official. I’ve joined the Canadian Go League and will be participating in their Round 13-5! For those wondering what it is, it’s essentially an online tournament that is played using KGS and is completely free to participate in! They seem to have a wide range of players and have also done a great job breaking players up into appropriate divisions.

As I look at the roster, there are quite a few familiar names; but unfortunately we are all in different divisions. I’m curious to see how it goes since this is a league where matches are scheduled ahead of time, and hopefully this will be a bit more accommodating to my schedule. In addition, I’m looking forward to familiarizing myself with Canadian overtime rules. I’ve only played it once or twice in the past and have yet to feel comfortable playing with it. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to it! And inn case you are wondering, yes I plan on posting every game with my thoughts and comments after each match. =D

Many thanks to Eric (@Oolong4Go) for sharing this with me and getting me to join!