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Just Discovered KGSBash...

I’ve been feeling rather off the last couple of days. Not sick or anything, but just feeling a little out of it. Haven’t really felt like studying, but it’s been fun playing a casual game here and there. But on a more important note, I just discovered a site called KGSBash. And if you’re wondering what it’s about, here are some that had me laughing…

_#54 _
adoreme: it is said that kgs has a secret end stage
adoreme: get 9dan
adoreme: and beat 50 9dans in a row
adoreme: then tartrate will appear as the endboss

_#49 _
RayFrost [2k]: I played a 3p today… with 9 handicap
RayFrost [2k]: I lost.
RayFrost [2k]: 3p is strong. :|
LazyDragon [3k]: i once played a 5p with 9hc - also lost …
tellone [2k]: i once played a very drunk 2p who forgot which collor he had
tellone [2k]: and i still lost

Oh KGS… Good times…