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The Surrounding Game Package Part 1

Surrounding Game T-Shirt, Postcard, Stone, and Kifu

So the first part of my package from The Surrounding Game came in last week! As you can see above, I got my black t-shirt, white stone from the game between Daniel Ko and Calvin Sun (that determined who received the first invitation to the AGA-Tygem professional certification tournament), the correlating game record, along with a postcard as well! Still waiting on the poster and DVD (although who isn’t waiting eagerly for it), but it was still great to get at least some of it to start!

On a different note, I think that I realized that while my attacking skills are rather abysmal, I have really come to terms with the fact that I may actually just be very poor at understanding what the board is telling me. In other words, am I able to look at any game in progress and already begin to get an idea as to the picture that is being painted? Is this a game of competing moyos? Or perhaps is Black behind even though his central moyo is looking enormous?

More on this when I have managed to put more words to what I’m feeling, but here are some close ups of the the stuff I received:

Close up of t-shirt, stone, and postcard

Back of the t-shirt

The game record that my stone came from!