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Play Against a Troll and Win! Achievement Complete!

ANNOUNCEMENT: All the games will now come with full commentary in order to minimize the complication of having to flip back and forth between the blog post and the game. I will do my best to diligently put down any variations I saw and why I played the moves that I did. So please be sure to visit the link and then let me know your thoughts! Enjoy!

This was a pretty scary game for me. I know I’ve been playing stronger opponents in the ASR League in even matches, but for some reason playing a ranked game against a 3k gave me the jitters. And I didn’t go looking for this game, this guy challenged me. Looking back on it, I’m pretty sure he was trying to play against weaker players so he could feel all big and mighty. Too bad he came out the loser….

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Man…. I’m used to being destroyed by my opponents… but this guy had an annoying mouth and I was destroyed by him. The way he took advantage of almost every single weakness was quite beyond me. I think I was doing okay in the opening, but then I didn’t properly chase down what should’ve been a dead group. Ugh. Can’t even comment on the game. But for all those players looking to see bad aji come back and kick you in the balls, and the usage of a double ko to kill of groups that were supposed to be alive: this is the game.

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