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Book Review: Scent of Victory

Catching Scent of Victory

Description: In the second volume of The Heart of Go Series, O Rissei 9P discusses twenty of his own games and various strategies that he devised during them. Though it is intended to serve as a guide for developing your intuition in the game, it is a very advanced book that is beyond the scope of what kyu players will be able to comprehend. It should be seen as a collection of game commentary from O Rissei 9P with advanced analysis and content.

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Book Review: The Direction of Play

Book Details

Title, The Direction of Play
Author, Takeo Kajiwara
Translators, John Fairbairn and The Ishi Press Staff
Publisher, Kiseido
Published, “1st Edition - March 1979”
Language, English
ISBN, 978-4-896574-26-2
Length, 250 Pages

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Direction of Play in the Opening: The Corner Stones
  • Chapter 2: The Early Stages Are Decisive
  • Chapter 3: Move Two Lost This Game
  • Chapter 4: The Professional Approach
  • Chapter 5: The Direction of Play and Joseki
  • Chapter 6: Once Upon a Game
  • Chapter 7: Test Yourself
  • Chapter 8: The Direction of Play for Fighting


  1. An excellent, although a bit advanced, book on direction of play.
  2. Fills a much needed gap in understanding the opening and fuseki as a whole.
  3. Requires a basic understanding of whole board thinking to really appreciate and understand the explanations.

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