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Monday Go Meditation: Game 77


So what you’ll probably notice first is that my rank in this game is a lot lower than you might expect. This is because my OGS rank is super outdated as I never played many games and lost a few games due to time around the time I took a break.

That said, it was a blitz game and man I forgot how antsy those made me. I played one previous to this with 10 seconds time and that was one full of mistakes. This one was 30 seconds and also pretty bad, but I thought I would post it nonetheless since there are still things to learn from it. Enjoy!

One Point Lesson

In blitz go, be prepared to prove you know what you’re doing because your opponent will test you time and time again…

Monday Go Meditation: Game 76


To be honest, I didn’t expect to release a Monday Go Meditation so quickly; but it seems that the universe had something else in mind. I happened to run across a tweet from @TheGoMovie regarding the Go World Championship final between Park Jeong-Hwan (9p) and Iyama Yuta (9p) that I couldn’t resist clicking on. Next thing I know, I’m watching the game and deciding I might as well take the opportunity to comment on it as I watched. Enjoy!

One Point Lesson

Treating stones lightly in order to develop whole board strategy is key to getting stronger.

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Monday Go Meditation: Game 73

Hello again everyone! As I start to get the ball rolling on everything again, I thought it was only appropriate to feature my game with whynotnow. Without going into too much detail, this friendly game was an important moment in my return to the game as I was still on the fence about playing at the time. And as my luck would have it, whynotnow came at the right time and place. Hope you enjoy it!

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Hello Again with GoKibitz

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know I’m still alive and well. Been getting into some really interesting projects these past few weeks and have been really pondering what I can do with blogging again since I miss doing it. And as someone who hates it when a regular blogger just drops out of the blogosphere, you can rest assured that I won’t ever just leave the blog hanging in the event I need to close up shop for awhile.

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Stirring the Embers Once Again...

As many of you are aware, the legendary Go Seigen passed away on November 30th. I’ve been wracking my brain for a way to properly honor him, but it is still eluding me. To help the process out, I decided that it would be a good start working through my collection of his games again. As I played through his game (above), I started to feel the embers begin to catch flame again.

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Journal Entry: #11

Over the last few days, part of my subconscious was nagging me for spending so much time not playing a single game. And while I did play at least one 9x9 game a day, it has been ages since I last played a full 19x19 game in real time. And for those who want to count the one at the Pumpkin Classic, that doesn’t really count since I wasn’t planning to play. So in another sense, I have been avoiding playing games in real time.

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