Archive: 12/2010

On Second Thought...

So I know I wrote about coming back from the sabbatical, but it looks like I’ll have to retract that statement unfortunately. There are some things that have come up in my life that are going to require a significant amount of attention and energy. So it’ll be some time before I will be able to attend to Go for awhile. I’m more than willing to play with anyone here and there if they want. The difference is that I won’t be able to just hang around KGS anymore to play.

To all my fellow Go players, thanks for all the help so far. I’m sorry I have to dip for a little while, but rest assured you can always get a game with me anytime you like. Just shoot me an e-mail or comment on the blog and we’ll set something up. Take care everyone!

Back to Blast

Hey everyone. Sabbatical over. It’s time I returned to the game. For all those who have been keeping up with my progress, I have virtually been absent from playing any serious games. I think the only two online games I have logged online are against the 30k computer. xD

That being said, no idea what my strength is anymore. Maybe the time away has let me grow, or maybe get weaker. More people probably believe weaker, but I dunno if I necessarily agree. I’ll be approaching this game a whole new way this time. I was studying it as if it were going to be my career at first, but the sabbatical really helped me to get perspective on my own “whole board thinking.”

The rest of this month will serve as my beta testing for my plan, but this is what I’m looking at.

  1. Serious games per week: 3 games per week

  2. Study method: Review and study a little bit during each weekday.

That’s it? Yup. The key thing for this plan is consistency. I’m in no rush to get to the dan level. It’ll come when it’s time. Meanwhile, watch your back SDK’s. I’m coming for ya! =D