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Up and Roaring on DGS

Thanks to Paul, it seems that I may never ever be in a playing slump ever again. Haha. I am now officially active on Dragon Go Server (DGS)!

The first time I tried playing on DGS, I never turned on the notifications feature and thus could not quite grasp the beauty of turn based go. Now that the feature has been turned on though, I find it pretty exciting when I get an email telling me it’s my turn to play.

For those who find that they are a bit short on time and can’t block out a couple hours for a good game of go, I completely agree with Paul in that this is a fantastic way to fill the void of not being able to play. In fact, I think there may be some validity in Paul’s sentiment of turn based go helping him to improve faster since “a subconcious piece of my mind [is] dwelling on board positions” as he goes about his day. As someone who is starting to play turn based go, I certainly hope he’s right!

Especially for those of you who are busy with school and can never find time to play a game with me, I definitely think DGS is the way to go. And to sweeten the deal, there is even a free Android (search for anDGS)/iPhone app (search for Dragon Go Client) so you can play on the go! My username is bengozen on there as well, so add me and send me an invite for a game! Looking forward to seeing you across the board!