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Bitcoin Go: New Go Server in Beta!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop in and let you all know about a brand new go server that is currently in beta: Bitcoin Go! Though currently still undergoing development and being in beta, one of the unique factors about them is that they will be using bit coins (aka digital currency) as prizes for the tournaments! Isn’t that awesome?

So since it won’t cost you a thing, be sure to get on over to Bitcoin Go and sign up for an account and become a beta tester with them! And if you have any suggestions or notice any bugs, feel free to contact the developers. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and playing with Steven and he was really responsive and friendly. So don’t delay, go check it out! =)

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Friday Go Forward: Week 36

Friday Go Forward: Week 36


This week has been a continuation of trying to really dig deep when it comes to being consistent about maximizing my quality of training in a set amount of time. There has been a couple of days where I ended up slacking off, but I feel like it’s been good progress and that it should get better over time. I will admit that I do miss playing live games, but I know that it has been unrealistic of me to do so since it really consumes a lot of time whenever I do. So as of late, I have decided to increase my activity on* in order to ensure that I don’t get rusty. I hope that more of you will join me over there so that we can play more games!

*And just in case anyone is wondering, allows you to play both live games in real time along with correspondence games. It’s pretty sweet!


  • KGS - 1 game
  • DGS - 3 ongoing games
  • Nova - 6 games (3 finished : 3 ongoing)

Training Menu

  • 20 minutes of Reading Training (i.e., Life & Death, Tesuji, etc.)
  • 20 minutes of Go Theory Study (i.e., Joseki, Direction of Play, etc.)
  • 20 minutes of Experience Training (i.e., Play or review a game)

Reading Material

  • Finished Jump Level Up 3.
  • Finished_ __Perceiving the Direction of Play_.
  • Started and finished Master Play: The Style of Lee Changho.
  • Started working on Jump Level Up 4.
  • Started working on The 1971 Honinbo Tournament.

Video Lessons

New Discovery: Nova Go Server

For those who have veered away from turn based go due to the antiquity of the Dragon Go Server system, I am super excited to tell you about a new go server that was introduced to me by flakeman2!

Nova Go Server

Here are 10 reasons why you should join me and play on Nova Go Server!

  1. It’s a turn-based AND real time go server. So in the event both players are online, you can play moves and chat as if you were on the live go server. And then, if anyone has to leave, no problem! It becomes turn-based go just like that!

  2. It updates in real time!!!!! I don’t know about any of you, but the worst thing for me on Dragon Go Server is the fact that when both players are online at the same time, you have to keep refreshing the page in anticipation of the next move. So with Nova Go Server, I can just leave the kifu open and it’ll automatically updated whenever my opponent plays a move.

  3. It is a web based app! That means no downloading or installing while getting a crisp and clean interface.

  4. It has features that Dragon Go Server lacks. Example: Planning conditional moves so that you can save moves that you know you will play in the event your opponent plays X.

  5. You can login using social media. Although a small benefit, it’s nice being able to login with my Twitter account instead of having to manage another go server account. (And FYI, for anyone looking to play with me, you can find me under my usual username: bengozen).

  6. It’s actively being developed! This means that the technology and features are still being updated and you can actually look forward to seeing actual updates!

  7. The user interface is so much cleaner!! You have a notifications button on top that updates real time, a sleek modern menu on the top for easy navigation, great user interface for how to play moves or access certain features…. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!

  8. There is a spectator chat window! So people can come in and kibitz on your game for your review when the game is over! (This is something I miss when it comes to turn based go on Dragon Go Server).

  9. They even offer a Malkovich Log! This is not a feature I’ve ever used, but I know it’s really popular so another kudos to them!

  10. Oh yeah, did I mention that IT’S FREE!!!!!!!!!!

‘Nuff said.

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New Go Server - Go9Dan!!!

After came out with their go server, I would have never suspected that I would be sitting here telling you about a brand new go server; but reality always has a way of surprising you and I am thrilled to tell you about a brand new go server!!!


Go9Dan will be approaching the server in a brand new way by adding the element of currency to the game. This means that players will now have the ability to put more than just their rank at stake when they play. There are multiple kinds of currency, but in general, they will allow players to bet on games, observe professional games, teaching games (which I believe are from professionals… but don’t quote me on this), buy instructional videos and books, and so on. For more information on the currency, click here. And for the record, while I don’t agree with all the aspects that they plan to utilize the currency for, I do think it will bring a new aspect to online play that will motivate more people to play.

If that wasn’t enough to get you interested in checking Go9Dan out, would it be of any interest to you if I told you that 9 dan professionals will be on this server?!?!?! 9 dans like Lee Sedol?!?!?!!? runs around like a little kid

Here are some of the fantastic benefits that you can get by signing up before February 8th, 2013:

  1. 3 months of Lite Membership
  2. 500 Gold
  3. 1,000,000 MPoints
  4. Entered into a raffle for a chance to play a game against Lee Sedol!!!!!!!
  5. Having the possibility of being one of three players to win a free teaching game with Lee Sedol!!!!!!!!


Now for those who have now explored the sight and are coming back to tell me, “Whoa. Ben. You forgot to mention that this will be a server with a monthly subscription.” False. I intentionally left it off until this point because people need to see the value of the go server first. Now that you’ve seen the potential value of this server, I want to emphasize to you that signing up now is a win-win situation. No money commitment, and the potential benefits are ENORMOUS!!!! And like with any service or product, a 3 month trial to see if you think its worth the money is about as good as it is going to get.

So don’t delay! Go sign up now and be sure to put down bengozen as your referral! See you guys there!