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Study Session at the Local Community College

For those curious ones, the books are Fight Like a Pro, Jump Level Up 2 + Answer Book, and Get Strong at Joseki 3, and the set I'm using is a portable shin-kaya board with biconvex yunzi stones in kitani bowls.

As some of you might know, I finished my Master’s a little over a year ago, so why am I at the local community college you might wonder? Well, though my girlfriend and I are working professionals, it seems that learning will be never ending for both of us and she decided to take a class this semester. So while she’s at her class, I figured, perfect opportunity to use this time as if I’m in a go class! (If anyone is interested in joining me, be sure to let me know!)

With that said, the reason I’m writing is because I am wrapping up the final chapter of Fight Like a Pro, and something funny happened. About forty moves into the kifu, the authors asked the reader to guess what move they would choose to continue the attack on the Black group. Normally with this type of question, I end up only choosing an area I think would be correct and then look at the solution. This time around however, I decided to place a stone boldly onto the board as if to declare to the world what I would have done.

After turning the page, I first see that my answer is not the correct answer. It turns out my move was contrary to the principle of attacking from my weak group in order to simultaneously strengthen it. “Makes sense.” I think, but just as I’m about to look for the next move in the actual game, I see that the next move the professional chose was mine! Hardy har har!!!

And with that epic moment recorded, I end this post on a high note. xD

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