Game of the Day: Slaughtered

So I think I’ll start summarizing my games with one word synopsis to describe the what I believe to be the ultimate aura and ambiance of the game. Today’s choice of word: slaughtered. In other words, like a lamb being led to the slaughter, I let a 12 kyu draw me into fighting situations where my (already poor) reading ability ruined any chance I had of beating him in the game. Let me run a few off my hand…. misreading capturing races, missing shortage of liberties, blatantly trying to save a group that was in atari which missed my reading. I do think I should have won. My strategy was far more solid overall, but I got drawn back into focusing on the fighting. There’s a little guy in my head right now yelling, “TERRITORY YOU IDIOT! THIS IS NOT FIRST CAPTURE!” Sigh… Enjoy the following horrific game that I am so ashamed to call my own.

So as of this moment, I am just appalled at myself. In the blogs I’ve been reading about studying Go in China, I’ve noticed that almost there is a unanimous comment in terms of the strength of the children there. They all do one thing extremely well: fighting. Most of the bloggers comment of how they get outread in almost every situation. If I’m to even speak a word of going to study with them, I’m going to have to make sure that I at least outread my opponents here in the DDK world… (not to mention the SDK world as well). Thus, I’m switching up my regimen.

Utter… brutal… training on my reading ability. KGS… I’ll see you when I return from my training.