Odd Game

So I just played against an 11k? and I have to say it was quite an unusual game. He essentially did four 3-3 invasions, and then attempted to stir fights. Now I don’t know if it’s simply because my estimated strength on KGS is no longer accurate, but I really felt like I should’ve been giving him 4 stones. He failed to make life for his groups three out of four times. I think that’s highly irregular for someone who’s potentially in the 11kyu range. I also checked out his rank graph, and it looks NUTS! I don’t get the progression considering the number of games he played. It’s not like he dominated every opponent.

Look at that HUGE spike in October...

Anyhow, here’s my game. Some moves are admittedly slow and not quite efficient, but I was happy to play a very solid game where I minimized cutting points and maximized on his. He essentially waited till the end and resigned. >.< The score would have been +253.5 in my favor. sigh… In terms of overall reading, I think I did alright this time. Nothing glaring that I particularly regret. That being said… knock on wood…. enjoy the game.