Rematch 2!

This will be my only game for today. It was played pretty poorly in my opinion. That’s what I get for playing first thing in the morning I guess. The fun part is that I got to play an opponent that I had played before on my zenix account. At the time, he was 16k and I was 19k, and I managed to win by 30 points! Needless to say, I was excited at the prospect of being able to play with him again on equal grounds!

This game was interesting because it’s the first time my opponent chose the opposing corners for the opening. Granted, I’m not strong enough to really understand the implications of such a game, but it certainly surprised me. Compared to last time though, not such a big win. My opponent made some careless errors, and I happened to read out a couple things better than him that allowed me to win the game. Otherwise though, I really think I played awfully.

Check out the game record below and let me know your thoughts!