Sneak Peak: Player's Mentality

So I’ve spent most of the day pretty swamped. I played two games, but I won’t be posting those just to give everyone a break from my kifus. I’ve spent a lot of time watching a lot of frodwith’s games. It’s been very enlightening and fun just to watch games from a spectator point of view. I won’t dabble on it too much tonight since I have midterms coming up, but we talked about a player’s mentality and how much that affects a person’s game.

I’ll post more about that eventually, but for those eager to get a sneak peak:

It’s important that we maintain a proper state of mind regardless of our opponents and whether or not the games is ranked or free. It’s not so much that you can’t relax and have fun playing games and always aim to obliterate your opponent, but the fact that poor mentality can lead to bad habits which may end up showing up in your actual games that you value.

For example, I tend to get extremely aggressive whenever I get matched up with a weaker opponent. This leads to overextensions that cost me in the game later on. (This is probably why I lose a nice percentage of my games). On the other hand, if I play a stronger opponent that makes me shake with anticipation, I play significantly better. So… how to balance this out? I’ll let you know once I get it right. =D