I recently wrote a post concerning being able to overcome the blade of your opponent. To not fear it, but to step forth and dive into the abyss.

As a manga reader, I’ve recently read the Fairy Tale chapter. There is a scene where the protagonist (Natsu) faces an unsurmountable strength. When confronted, Natsu normally will not stop until he wins. For the first time however, he admits defeat. And just when he does, his opponent then says:

“Fear is not ‘evil.’ It is to know your own weakness. If you know your weakness, people can become strong.” - Gildartz

As much as I try to avoid it, failing to save a vital group that costs you the game is one that still gets me in a bad mood. See the following kifu to see. The game changers starts at Move 95.

After reading this chapter though, I think I’ve taken another step forth along my path to becoming the strongest Go player I can be. It’s true. Losing a game can take quite a toll on a person’s mental stability, especially when the one mistake that cost you the game was your fault. Yet it is in these moments that you should not despair, for the realization of that weakness, whether it is a lack of reading, patience, or simple skill, will allow you to take the step in gaining strength.