Here’s a game that I wanted to put in my article on Bad vs. Wrong Decisions. Although this was a game against a 14k (I was 13k at the time), I gave it my all and I must say it was quite a match. (I’m white)So this is something I’ve definitely noticed. For some reason, there seems to exist this seemingly large gap between those who are SDK and those who are DDK. Now I know you’re probably like, imagine the gap between SDK and amateur dan, and then the gap between amateur dan and professionals! Trust me, I was quite aware of the barriers awaiting me when I began learning this game. It’s definitely interesting though, the way SDK’s play vs. DDK’s. At this point, if I’m matched up to a DDK, I think I’m in pretty solid shape. On the other hand… it doesn’t seem like I’m quite ready to take on an SDK yet (even game that is). I played an SDK last night in person, and lost by ~13 points even though I had a 3 stone handicap… bleh…. When I figure out where that gap is though, I’ll be sure to let you know.