Under 100 Moves Resignation Achievement Complete!

That’s right. I have achieved my first “Under 100 Moves Resignation.” I know that there is a high likelihood that I might have one in the past for some stupid reason, but this is the first time I felt like I truly earned it.


The feeling of being in control of the board is a magnificent feeling. There wasn’t a single point in this game where I wasn’t making my moves recklessly. Each move was thought out, and had a purpose that even had some reading behind it. (I know… crazy right? After all, what crazy player reads out moves when he figures out where he wants to go…. absolute insanity…)

My Opponent

I thought he was a great 9k, and probably in reality more of an 8k. He played a lot of unexpected moves that left me questioning how I should respond. Each move was very interesting and I most certainly look forward to playing him again.


It feels like it’s been forever since I was last able to say that I don’t feel like I made any mistakes this game. The only two areas that were somewhat “unexpected” were:

  • Move 50 (G14) - Although this ended up working out for me, I will definitely be the first to admit that this was more of an gut type move than a totally intentional one. My reading was shortsighted by the fact that the F12 group had aji that could be used against me.
  • Move 62 (K13) - In retrospect, I think this move would’ve been better used by extending at H10. It would’ve been a more proactive move while also protecting the cut at J13.
  • Move 65 (A17) - I had read out falsifying the last eye properly, but the atari definitely caught me off guard. I’m glad that it only cost me 6 points instead of the entire C17 group.

Prized Moments

There’s no feeling like setting up a scenario where regardless of which choice opponent makes, you’ll happily take the other…

  • Move 36 (F12) - Can you see what I was preparing for?
  • Move 60 (F15) - The forcing move of C12 was unexpected and got my opponent the first true eye. Thankfully he ended in gote and I could play this move!
  • Move 70 (B9) - Although this may have seemed slow, this move ensured the life of my group so that I could attack or reduce as I pleased! A Lee Changho type move if I may so say myself!