NOVA Pumpkin Classic Tournament 2012 - Round 3

Weekly Go Wednesday, Issue #6

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Empty Board by Eidogo

I looked down at the empty board before me and waited for the third round to start. In all honesty, I was still shaken up from the second round despite the pep talk I gave myself at lunch. Part of me was worried that I would play another crazy game that would be disgraceful. Life has a funny way of jostling you out of your mood sometimes, and little did I know, but I was about to be given the spark I needed to get out of my funk.

Anderson and his friend had just checked the pairings list and were making their way into the room. I was still sitting at the table closest to the list, so as Anderson’s friend made his way to his table, he noticed that I was sitting there. He paused by our table for a moment, looked at me momentarily, then turned to my opponent and said, “You be careful! This guy is a wild player!”

I was a bit stunned and embarrassed for a second as I recalled the miserable game I had just played… but then a burning blaze took hold of me and I thought…

“Crazy player huh? I’ll show you how wrong you are about that!”

_ What the kifu fails to capture is how close I was to losing on time. I got caught up in finding the best endgame moves that I nearly forgot about how much time I had left. Luckily I realized it before it was too late._

After my opponent resigned and we began cleaning up the stones, I started to feel a little excited as it dawned on me that I was undefeated so far. One more match, and I could have a perfect record!!!

Just as soon as quickly as the excitement set in however, I started to feel a little anxious as I realized that there was one final match to carve it in stone.

When the final pairing were posted, my heart sank when I saw my final matchup: Ben [8k] v. Black [12k].

4 stones... again... and he

SO MUCH PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IntroductionRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Conclusion