Equipment Review: Kitani Jujube Bowls

Kitani Style Jujube Bowls

Overall Rating: 10 / 10 Ponnuki


  • This is my favorite style of bowls for holding go stones since they remind me of the ones on Hikaru No Go.
  • They have a nice finish to them that makes them very beautiful to look at.
  • Since the lid is also made of wood without any rubber coating, do not expect the lid to stay securely shut in the event the bowls tip over.

Product Details

  • Two Kitani style jujube wood Yunzi stone holders that measure 5” W x 4” H (12.7cm x 10cm)

Detailed Review

These bowls are from the Shin-Kaya Go Board Set. They come with a small square of yellow silk-like material that I believe is to cushion the bottom of the bowl for when you put your stones inside. Although it’s a rather small accessory, I think it adds a nice finishing touch to the bowls.

Size & Weight: The bowls on their own are rather light and can be held using one hand with relative ease.

Durability: In the two years that I’ve owned these bowls, it has proven to be extremely durable and does not scratch very easily. Although I’m not expert on wood, they feel like high quality wood that will last for a very long time.

Usability: Since the entire bowl is made of wood, the only caveat is that the lids do not stay on securely. So if the bowls get tipped upside down during transit, you can definitely expect the lid to slide off and stones to come out. Otherwise, the bowls function as you expect and look fantastic.

Now of course, the opinion as to which style of bowl looks better is entirely subjective and varies between each person; but if you’re looking for kitani bowls made with quality wood, look no further.

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Last Updated March 29th, 2013