Friday Go Forward: Week 10


  • KGS - 5 games ( 1 win : 4 losses )
  • DGS - 5 ongoing games


  • Go Game - Life and Death (iPad App) - Practice Phase 2 ( Class 18 - 20 )
  • Five Hundred and One Opening Problems - Page 55 - 90


  • The Chi­nese Open­ing — Page 63 - 87


I’m happy to announce that the StudyGroupKyu site went live this week! There are still some enhancements to be made, and that will continue to take up my time; but it’s been fun to combine my love for design with go. Definitely hoping to do more of that as time goes on.

With that being said, this week has a decently studious week combined with sporadic blitz go. Now although none of the game time settings will indicate that, I generally didn’t spend more than 30 seconds on a move. This is probably due to my lack of time and newly acquired ability to not be attached to winning or losing a game. I’ve been more obsessed with trying out new things and experimenting with what I’ve been learning. And to be honest, it’s quite refreshing.