New Discovery: Nova Go Server

For those who have veered away from turn based go due to the antiquity of the Dragon Go Server system, I am super excited to tell you about a new go server that was introduced to me by flakeman2!

Nova Go Server

Here are 10 reasons why you should join me and play on Nova Go Server!

  1. It’s a turn-based AND real time go server. So in the event both players are online, you can play moves and chat as if you were on the live go server. And then, if anyone has to leave, no problem! It becomes turn-based go just like that!

  2. It updates in real time!!!!! I don’t know about any of you, but the worst thing for me on Dragon Go Server is the fact that when both players are online at the same time, you have to keep refreshing the page in anticipation of the next move. So with Nova Go Server, I can just leave the kifu open and it’ll automatically updated whenever my opponent plays a move.

  3. It is a web based app! That means no downloading or installing while getting a crisp and clean interface.

  4. It has features that Dragon Go Server lacks. Example: Planning conditional moves so that you can save moves that you know you will play in the event your opponent plays X.

  5. You can login using social media. Although a small benefit, it’s nice being able to login with my Twitter account instead of having to manage another go server account. (And FYI, for anyone looking to play with me, you can find me under my usual username: bengozen).

  6. It’s actively being developed! This means that the technology and features are still being updated and you can actually look forward to seeing actual updates!

  7. The user interface is so much cleaner!! You have a notifications button on top that updates real time, a sleek modern menu on the top for easy navigation, great user interface for how to play moves or access certain features…. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!

  8. There is a spectator chat window! So people can come in and kibitz on your game for your review when the game is over! (This is something I miss when it comes to turn based go on Dragon Go Server).

  9. They even offer a Malkovich Log! This is not a feature I’ve ever used, but I know it’s really popular so another kudos to them!

  10. Oh yeah, did I mention that IT’S FREE!!!!!!!!!!

‘Nuff said.