Equipment Review: Folding Wooden Go Board

Folding Wooden Go Board

Over­all Rat­ing: 8 / 10 Ponnuki


  • Great portable board considering I got it for around $10.
  • The lines are not drawn the best, but it does the job and is worth the purchase.
  • Let me know if you find this anywhere online, since the local store doesn’t sell it anymore.

Prod­uct Details

  • One folding Go Board (19x19).
  • Measures 18-1/4”L x 17”W x 3-3/4”H (46.5cm x 43cm x 9.7cm).
  • Board is 1-1/2” (4cm) thick.

Detailed Review

Size & Weight: For it’s portability, the size actually is quite nice since it fits in my 14 inch laptop messenger bag. It’s light compared to any other table board you might buy.

Dura­bil­ity: It holds up very well and very reliable in transit. I’ve carried it a number of times and never worried about dings or scratches that might ruin the board.

Usabil­ity: The sound that the board makes from stones hitting it are not nearly as fulfilling as one might get from a shin-kaya board, but it really fits the bill when you’re looking for an easy to transport go board.

Although the local store does not sell it anymore, this product is definitely worth buying if you ever see one. In fact, the moment anyone finds a place that sells it, be sure to let me know!

Addi­tional Photographs

Back of the Board (unfolded)

Back of the Board (unfolded)

Rubber Stop


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Last Updated April 20th, 2013.