Friday Go Forward: Week 15


As this is my first week back since my vacation, it has been a relatively light week that has consisted of me trying to get my feet wet again in the world of go. Like I mentioned before in a previous post, I’m working on hard on really gaining a better understanding of what I’m capable of maintaining consistently without burnout.

Playing ranked games has been a little weird and disappointing since I can’t seem to hold my own at the moment, but I’m trying not to let it bother me too much since I am a bit rusty and loss through very clear and obvious mistakes. So as long as I work hard to become more disciplined about how I play each move, my games should improve without much effort.


  • KGS - 6 games ( 2 wins : 4 losses )
  • DGS - 2 ongoing games
  • Nova - 4 ongoing games


  • 20 tsumego problems each day.
  • Worked on Mastering the Basics: 501 Tesuji Problems.
  • Started on Mastering the Basics: The Basics of Go Strategy.

Lessons Learned

  1. Avoid blitz games and games 25 minutes or less since I am a thinker. Fast games will come when my fundamentals are more solid.
  2. Really need to stop the bad habit of “Let’s play here and see what happens.”
  3. Got to keep working on thinking of games as if I’m playing myself.