LoL Finally Happened...

For those who were expecting a Monday Go Meditation post, I apologize for not being able to have a kifu in time for this week. I have relatives visiting from out of the country and the past week has been pretty crazy. I promise that there will definitely be a game for you next week. On a separate note, I feel that I am obligated to record the fact that my journey has hit a little bump on the road.

After many years of resisting the urge to join my friends and family in League of Legends (LoL), I finally gave in and have officially become part of the LoL community. xD Haha. I’m trying really hard not to become an addict and let everything go to the wayside, so there is no need to fret that I will suddenly stop playing go in lieu of playing LoL. My goal is to play in moderation to alleviate any possibility of burning out when it comes to studying and playing go. I have full confidence I will be able to achieve this. =D

For those who are curious about my summoner name, you can find me on sentecrosscut. (If you’re looking for the account referral name, sentenobi is probably what you need.)