Losing Sight of Zen

Credit to moiillusions and frozensoul for finding it

In case this isn’t apparent, this is a 2-D drawing. And also, do you spot what I see? xD

Late last night, I had written about the fact that my go has become a race to the finish line. I realize that I was probably not the most articulate since I was about to pass out, but upon further reflection this morning, I realized that my problem actually is rooted in the fact that I have lost sight of my zen (aka my center of calm).

Whenever I play a move, I realized that I am always in a hurry to see what my opponent plays next. In fact, it’s almost as if I’m trying to play a blitz game in a game that’s supposed to have a main time of 20 minutes or more. As a result, autopilot moves show up and failure to consider global effects arise again and again.

Bottom line: I need find my center again. Otherwise, this will quickly spiral out of control and my go will become a reckless monster beyond saving. This ends today.