Friday Go Forward: Week 19


This has been an interesting week that was fraught with frustration, but paired with deep introspection that yielded something valuable for me as a whole. Although it took me some time to realize, there was a growing tendency for me to rush in both Go and my life in general. So, I am grateful that go has once again provided an avenue for me to improve my life as a whole once again. Beginning the path back to zen will have a number of butterfly effects, but I have a feeling they will be far from regrettable. =)


  • KGS - 4 games (2 wins : 2 losses)
  • DGS - 1 ongoing game
  • Nova - 2 ongoing games


  • Finished _Essential Life & Death: Vol. 1 and started Vol. 2_.
  • Finished reading The Chinese Opening by Yuan Zhou.
  • Started working on _Attacking and Defending Moyos _by Zeijst and Bozulich.
  • Started reading _Modern Master Games, Vol. 1 _by Zeijst and Bozulich.
  • Started working on _Positional Judgment _by Cho Chikun.

Lessons Learned

  1. If I feel like I am strapped for time or rushed before I even start a game, it’s probably best to not even bother playing.
  2. To refrain from kyu tunnel vision, I need to look at the board with fresh eyes after every move.