Friday Go Forward: Week 20


It seems I’m on a trend of not playing as many games anymore, but I’m okay with that for now since I’m currently in a big study mode. I have over 100+ books in my collection (and that’s physical books mind you) and I have barely made a dent. In addition, I have another plan to immerse myself in studying Korean style go books. It will involve buying lots of new books and changing my regimen, but before I do that I want to finish all the Kiseido series that I have started. So, be on the lookout for lots more book reviews!


  • KGS - 3 games (2 wins : 1 loss)
  • DGS - 2 ongoing games
  • Nova - 2 ongoing games


  • Worked on _Essential Life & Death,__ Vol. 2 _everyday.
  • Worked a little bit on Attacking and Defending Moyos.
  • Worked through Modern Master Games, Vol. 1.
  • Finished Positional Judgment.
  • Started and finished The Direction of Play.
  • Started Elementary Go Series - Tesuji.

Lessons Learned

  1. I am not vigilant when it comes to reading out sequences properly.
  2. I still play “wishful go” and think that my opponents will respond to things that I myself would never respond to.
  3. To help remedy my problem of playing moves without thinking, I’m trying to take one deep breath before each move to try and slow down.