The Desire to Lose

Sad Robot Lose - Credit to abyanlim

So I think I have to revise my one post a day rule to exclude book reviews because at the rate I’m releasing book reviews, I’m never going to get a chance to write for the sake of writing. Haha. With that said, let’s unload some things off my brain.

I recently re-watched the episode in Hikaru No Go (Episode 66 - “Fateful Encounter”) where they do the prelude to the whole series. For those who might not remember, the episode features a child who recently is crowned Child Meijin and wants to challenge Akira to prove he is the strongest. Right before the game, he pridefully challenges Akira with the following statement:

Child Meijin: When I win, tell everyone, “I lost to Hideki Isobe.”

Though most might shy away from the idea of boasting to everyone that they lost, Akira’s reaction reminded me of something I had forgotten long ago.

Akira (with the utmost excited face): I will! I sure will!

How long ago has it been since I last sought out a match where I would be proud to say, “Look! I lost, but it was a great game!” When was the last time I felt a desire to lose?

Nowadays, I just slink away like a dog with his tail between his legs hoping secretly hoping to quickly nab a win afterwards to cover up my shame. What a pitiful state I’ve fallen into… Haha. No matter though, today is a new day! I will return back to the battlefield of Tygem and restart my training against dan players! Ikuzo!