Sad I'm Not at US Go Congress 2013

As many of you are aware, the US Go Congress 2013 is currently going on and everyone’s focus is on it. Though I have been living vicariously through some friends who were able to go and try to watch the games that are featured on KGS, I must say that I am rather sad that I was unable to attend this year. It would have been an incredible to be able to experience and blog about a go convention of that level; but alas, I am here and they are there.

To console myself, I have been burying myself in more books in hopes of distracting myself from the constant reminders of how awesome Go Congress is. Haha. In addition, I have also decided that I will be making a sincere effort to make it out to US Go Congress 2014. So for all those who weren’t able to make it out this year, let’s try and start the preparations to make it out next year!