Friday Go Forward: Week 28

Friday Go Forward: Week 28


Over this past week, I’ve been rather introspective about where I am in life and where I want to be over the next few years. While go has been an incredible addition to my life and has enriched in a more ways than I can count, I am working on figuring out how to utilize other aspects of growth to not only improve my overall self-achievement; but to also as transfer that knowledge back to go as well. A simple of example of this was my post on boxing earlier this week. So while my studying and playing has been rather laid back, I’m optimistic of the changes I’m making and the impact it’ll have on my go abilities. =)


  • KGS - 4 games
  • DGS - 3 ongoing games
  • Nova - 2 ongoing games

Education & Training

  • Worked on Jump Level Up 1.
  • Worked on Joseki Jeongseok Compass.
  • Worked on Takao’s Astute Use of Brute Force.
  • Worked on Fight Like a Pro.
  • Worked on Get Strong at Joseki 1.
  • Worked on The Workshop Lectures Volume 4.